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About the talk:

Marta is a Hungarian organic and biodynamic winemaker and owner of the Pendits Winery in the famous Tokaj region. Her neighbours claim that Marta does not work in her vineyard but for her vineyard. Competitions and medals are of little importance to her – what matters is the end product and her endless drive to help the region and her fellow growers.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2012

About the speaker:

Marta's dream was to own a vineyard in which grapes of the finest quality could be harvested without compromise, and the dream has come true - her ten hectares produce over 10 000 bottles of wine annually, wine that is cultivated organically, without pesticides or commercial fertilisers. It is the first certified organic vineyard in the region.

The Tokaj region is said to be one of the oldest in Europe and has been producing sweet Aszú wines since the 1500s. After the collapse of communism, Marta's family acquired the famous cellars and has been taking care of them ever since.

A true idealist, Marta believes in the harmony of the environment and attending to her vineyard in tune with the cycles of the sun, moon and the planets. The soil and its long term health is as of much importance as the vines themselves. The work therefore mimics the rhythm and balance of nature.

Her talk will touch upon the revival of history and tradition in the context of wine production and how this 100 per cent self-taught winemaker finds peace in her vineyard surroundings. Find out more about Marta and her Aszú wines on Pendits Winery website and come to meet her at TEDxKraków 2012!

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