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There’s always more to things than meets the eye, but we so rarely take the time to look at what’s really going on or what it takes to make life work. At TEDxKrakow 2012 we’ll look behind the curtain of the
apparently mundane and everyday to get a glimpse of some of the unexpected, fascinating, worrying, intricate and maybe even repulsive, aspects of life that are usually invisible to us.

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Session 1
New Perspectives
09:30 -11:00
Dagmara Sokołowska Wojciech Macyk Joanna Hańderek Camero Cat
11:30 -11:30
Session 2
Inside Out
11:30 -13:00
Marcin Kawalski Marta Wille-Baumkauff Anna Wojna Kristin Konopka Acoustic Acrobats
13:00 -14:30
Session 3
All together now
14:30 -16:00
Mark Power Keith Kahn-Harris Mark Turrell Ross Langdon Don’t Ask Smingus
16:00 -16:30
Session 4
Moving On
16:30 -18:00
Przemysław Biecek Jerzy Vetulani Michał Dusiński Dawid Szczepaniak Zuzanna Łukasik Drums&Drums
After Party (Klub Pauza)
What: TEDxKraków 2012
When: Friday, 21 September, 2012
Where: Muzeum Sztuki i Techniki Japońskiej Manggha
  Marii Konopnickiej 26, 30-302 Kraków
Theme: Secret Lives