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About the talk:

Ross is an architect with a deep sensitivity to the communities and traditions in which his projects are located. Born and brought up in rural south-eastern Tasmania, he now focuses on ecologically and socially sustainable tourism infrastructure in environmentally sensitive locations. His is currently working in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania on a number of eco-lodges and smaller cultural projects and will show us how a building can be integrated into communities on many levels.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2012

About the speaker:

Ross Langdon grew up in rural south-eastern Tasmania, learning how to make stuff. After studying environmental design, Ross travelled extensively and worked for a variety of established and well-known architects before co-founding his own design studio, Regional Associates.

Ross’ passion is unconventional sustainable design solutions, and he has an on-going interest in developing new models for ecologically and socially sustainable tourism infrastructures in environmentally-sensitive locations. He views collaboration as an essential element of delivering successful projects. By collaboration, Ross means not only how the creative process is organised, but also who is involved - clients, consultants as well as the broader community within which projects are located. With emphasis on the local rather than the universal, Regional Associates produce site-specific designs that draw on the diversity of traditional materials and construction technologies inherent to a given site.

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