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About the talk:

Trine has worked as a chef for over 20 years and has cooked thousands of meals, working with farmers, scientists, architects and people all over the world to improve food culture. Her dream is that everybody in the world gets one decent meal a day. Her books, The Scandinavian Cookbook and The Nordic Diet, have introduced many people to the New Nordic movement that has come to influence so many of the world's top kitchens over the last few years. New Nordic is about cooking, connecting with the landscape and the farmer and growing our food and eating in a sustainable way. What's surprising is that it doesn't come from France or Italy, the cradles of classical cuisine, but from the cold northern Scandinavian countries. Like Poland, these are countries where the food culture is old, but the restaurant culture is new. We invited Trine to come and show us her Nordic style and to contemplate what lessons could be learnt by other, related, food cultures from the success of this movement. As it's difficult to talk about food without eating it, a Nordic Lunch at TEDxKraków was an integral part of her talk! Check out some of her recipes on our blog.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2011

About the speaker:

…chef, author and Entrepreneur, her dream is that everybody in the world gets one decent meal a day. She will talk about how the lessons learnt from the success of the New Nordic movement can be adapted by other food cultures.

Original subtitles: Jerzy Paź (reviewed by Krystian Aparta)

Translated by: Joanna Stefańska (reviewed by Krystian Aparta)

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