Videos > Matt Clarke - How to switch people 'on'.

About the talk:

At TEDxKraków he shared his insights into what it takes to bring people together, to rise above politics, egos and personalities, and create solutions to complex challenges.

Originally trained as a naturopath, for the last 20 years, Matt has worked with the boards of some of the world's largest companies, helping to switch them 'on'.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2015

About the speaker:

Matt Clarke is Founder and President of Switched On Global and a Partner at Leaders’ Quest, and he specialises in bringing together disparate parties and enabling collaboration in complex business situations.Over his career, he has worked with the boards of some of the world’s largest companies. He is also a co-founding trustee of The Friends of Baale Mane, a social enterprise that provides a loving home near Bangalore, India to nurture and resource girls who do not have parents who can care for them. Matt lives in central London with his wife and their two sons, enjoying their passion for music, healthy living and supporting their local community.

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