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About the talk:

Together with a group of friends, legal translator Joanna McCoy set up "Piekne Anioly" a non-profit organisation whose goal is to improve the lives of Poland's poorest families. They gather funds and resources to decorate kids' bedrooms - a small piece of space just for them. By giving them a desk and a light where they can do their homework in peace, or their own bed with clean sheets, they restore the kids' faith in themselves and their own dreams.

Legal translator by day, "beautiful angel" after hours. Shocked by scenes of poverty in Poland, Joanna McCoy set up a project to bring hope to some of our most disadvantaged kids.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2015

About the speaker:

Joanna McCoy - sworn translator, specialises in legal texts. She is interested in law and continuously develops her knowledge in this topic – presently she is doing postgraduate studies in forensic science at the Jagiellonian University. She is passionate about literature, writing and also, she selflessly loves other people, which is why she helps and works with the Angels.

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