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About the talk:

At a time when we are facing almost unfathomable social, economic and technological change, Sir Julian Rose, farmer, forester, writer and social entrepreneur, argues passionately that we have to find a way to operate at a human scale.

Sir Julian is an early UK pioneer of organic farming methods, commencing the conversion of his UK farm in 1975 and joining the board of the Soil Association in 1984. He is President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside and divides his time between the UK and Poland.

He started out as an actor and teacher in holistic thinking, co-founding the Institute for Creative Development, in Belgium (1976) before taking on the management of the Hardwick Estate, a family farming property in South Oxfordshire, UK. His farm went on to win a number of national awards for the quality of its organic foods.

Sir Julian has served on many national committees concerned with the British rural economy. These include the BBC Agricultural and Rural Economy Advisory Committee; the South East England Agricultural and Rural Economy Advisory Board and the Country Land Owners Association Rural Committee. He has advised the British government's 'No 10 Policy Unit' and founded three organisations specifically related to helping protect and advance the needs of family farms, quality foods and the rural economy.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2010

Original subtitles: Jerzy Paź

Translated by: Krystian Aparta

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