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About the talk:

Richard Satava spoke at TEDxKrakow, which took place on 25 October 2013 at Stara Zajezdnia in Kraków's Jewish district. Our theme this year was Make! and was a celebration of making. We asked our speakers to explore and demonstrate the practice, and to ponder what it takes to make more makers. We featured some of Krakow's makers and created a dedicated maker space to encourage our audience of over 600 people to have a go at making something -- anything!

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2013

About the speaker:

Richard Satava has always been driven to making things different. Although he’s a surgeon by training, during his military service in the US Army, he became interested in robots. Later, at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) he was involved in massive biotechnology innovation projects. Now he develops medical technologies that border on the sci-fi, and serves as a Curiosity Expert for the Discovery Channel. But, as he says, he wouldn’t do any of this without failing along the way, as every success is littered with failure.

What fascinates Richard is the possibility of generating creativity and this is what he’s going to talk about at TEDxKraków. He believes that science is now in crisis and can no longer of explaining the world. What we need is innovation and what makes this possible are new technologies that open up new possibilities. According to Richard, this coming revolution is going to dwarf the advent of the internet in its impact.

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