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About the talk:

Drums&Drums was formed as a result of countless experiments and an exploration of unconventional percussion instruments, a fascination with recycling, and a constant crossing of borders in the general understanding of music as a whole.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2012

About the speaker:

Drums&Drums is the first Polish percussion cabaret.

Comprised of two members of the Tamtamitutu Group, drummers Tomasz Majewski and Marcin Urzędowski, the band mixes traditional instruments together with their own creations made of recycled materials, all skilfully joined together on stage.

What sets Drums&Drums apart as a band is not only their unique instruments, but the artistry with which they use them. Their concerts are theatrical performances in their own right. The ease with which the musicians transform everyday items into instruments is impressive, as is their ability to incorporate humour into the performance. Oh, and did we mention that their shows tend to be interactive?

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