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About the talk:

Werner Meinhold talks about how hypnosis allows us to reach the consciousness of the oldest memories in our brains.

Werner was born in 1944 in Germany. He had many diseases in early childhood, including several NDE´s (Near Death Events). From the age of 12 he became interested in hypnosis and literature concerning the ’secret sciences’.

He studied fine arts (surrealism and symbolism), and then holistic medicine at UDH in Stuttgart. Private studies and investigations included ancient and contemporary alchemistic medicine at sites around the world. He studied therapeutical hypnosis with Dietrich Langen (the First Chair of Psychotherapy in Germany), as well as continuous work with the Austrian College ÖCATAP.

In parallel with these studies, he continued to work in holistic medicine with the International Society of Medical Studies, IMA. Since 1975 Werner has been in private practice and conducting investigations into the connections between hypnosis and alternative kinds of therapeutic approaches. He is Founder of the HI-DEPTH approach (Hypno-Integrative Depth Psychological Therapy), which, for the first time, integrates the hypnotic states of consciousness with the depth-psychology and the spiritual level of the human being.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2010

Original subtitles: Bogdan Markiewicz

Translated by: Krystian Aparta

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