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About the talk:

Professor Mirosław Miller talks about how in Wroclaw they are weaving of a network of schools, universities and employers, creating opportunities for people of different experiences, disciplines and cultures to meet and creating a modern, world-class knowledge based city.

Professor Miller is President of Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ Ltd., a company established 2007 by Wroclaw universities, the City of Wroclaw and the Lower Silesia Region, aimed at building a knowledge based economy in the region. The company has received over €200 million for the development of the Pracze Campus, a new science and technology park, and for research programmes in nanotechnology, biomedicine and telecommunication.

Professor Miller is also an initiator and coordinator of the Lower Silesian Centre for Advanced Technologies (2004-2007) and has coordinated many research projects and projects in the field of technology transfer, innovation management, commercialisation of knowledge.

Recorded during: TEDxKraków 2010

Original subtitles: Krystian Aparta

Translated by: Krystian Aparta

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