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We are in the midst of an intense technological revolution, and -- whether we or not we are consciously aware of it -- the majority of us are actively participating in its development. At the next TEDxKrakowSalon, we’re interested in discussing the (increasingly) complicated relationship between humans and technology. The evening of March 10 will be a chance for us to indulge in a deeper reflection on the topic of technology in relation to the human condition, and it will offer us the ability to look at the issue from a broader perspective. Are you ready?

We will start off slow, with an overview of the last 30 years of developments in technology, just to gain some perspective on the matter. Most of you have likely at some point stumbled on a new technological project, which initially might have seemed silly or simplistic, and yet in hindsight, turned out to be a large-scale groundbreaking innovation. Next, we will be introduced to a new, fascinating chapter in the development of the human experience combined with technology and its engineering. Have you ever wondered when the pieces of technology being implanted into humans will serve to markedly enhance upon the human body -- and not just “fix” its imperfections? Or, if you’ll ever find yourself talking to an online store’s customer service department, and you’ll fail to realise the entire time you’ve been (efficiently) handled by a robot?

Our March TEDxKrakowSalon event will be held at the new Krakowski Park Technologiczny, which you might remember as being featured in our beautifully organised Demo Valley on TEDxKrakow 2015, back in our June conference. Architecturally, the Krakow Business Park was inspired by a space ship, which can be seen in the sharp angles of the walls, connecting bridges, and even in the names of the various rooms. One of the aims of our Salon events is to show you the city of Krakow -- in its diversity and uniqueness -- and what better place to start the conversation on technology than one of our city’s very own venues which focuses on the subject -- both in its function and in its design?
We can’t wait to see you on March 10! Registration is mandatory -- we will post the link as soon as it’s ready, so keep checking our Facebook page to stay updated!

What: TEDxKrakówSalon 2016 March
When: Thursday, 10 March, 2016, 18:00
Where: Krakowski Park Technologiczny
  Podole 60, Kraków
Theme: Fast forward: technology and upgrading humanity