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This year, TED is dreaming… All the way in Vancouver, Canada. From February 15 to 19, the TED 2016 conference will gather over one thousand live audience members while lending the stage to over seventy speakers who all have ideas worth spreading — united by one common topic: DREAM. Sounds amazing, right? But wait, what if you don’t have access to VIP hookups or an extra $8,500 lying around to dish out for these highly coveted tickets? Never fear! With a little bit of help through some handy technological developments (known as live streaming) TEDxKrakow is proud to bring TED from Vancouver all the way across the Atlantic, just for you!

On February 17, 2016, at 17:00, you’re invited to watch TEDxKrakowLive at Arteteka — where you’ll be able to watch the conference along with the rest of us. Each session lasts 1.5 hours, and the breaks in between are sure to be filled with interesting discussion and thought-provoking activities. Afterwards, we’ll all be heading over to Pauza In Garden to keep the TED momentum going, and exchange opinions and stories in a more chilled out atmosphere.

But that’s not all! TEDxKazimierz has something up their sleeve for you as well. The following day (February 18), you’re also welcome to watch TEDxKazimierzLive — another chance to gain access to yet another day of the conference. Two unique live experiences, both transmitting inspiration across time and space, from Vancouver to Krakow!

We are pleased to make TEDxKrakowLive a free event; however, registration is required. We will provide you with the registration link as soon as it’s open, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! To stay up to date, follow updates on the TEDxKrakowLive Facebook event, as well as on our page TEDxKrakow. Keep in mind that the live transmission will be in English, and it will not include Polish subtitles — we may be fast, but we’re still only human.

What: TEDxKrakówLive 2016
When: Wednesday, 17 February, 2016, 17:00
Where: Arteteka
  Rajska 12, Kraków