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TEDxKrakówCinema - a new initiative from TEDxKraków

We’ll be getting together to watch TEDTalks and TEDx talks and sharing the TED experience with Kraków

Each time we will focus on a different topic.

Why TEDTalks?

We’d like to create a comfortable space in Kraków for creative debates about the role of technology, education, human behaviour in creating a more harmonious future, where ideas are the source of intelligent and constructive collaboration rather than conflict.

This month

There’s a lot of work waiting for you at TEDxKraków Cinema this month! But maybe not quite as you imagine it - as the theme this month is all about what we do ‘for a living’. We’ll be watching some TED Talks on the subject of work, and we’re looking forward to a good discussion on these recurrent questions:

What’s more important - finding professional fulfilment or ‘having a life’?
Do we really have to choose between them?
And what does "work-life balance” actually mean, anyway?
Will separating work from life really make you happy?
Or maybe we need ask different questions?

It should be a fascinating evening and we’re looking forward to seeing you on on Tuesday 4 November at Pauza In Garden. The meeting will be hosted by Agata and Marek, who lead our sponsorship and communications teams. They’ve been involved in TEDxKraków from the very beginning and are also widely known workaholics :)

We’re starting off at 6:30 with a round of ice breakers, following with TEDTalks and discussion at 7pm. The discussion will be mainly in Polish but contributions in English are always welcome. Entry is free but the number of spaces is limited, so please remember first come, first served

What: TEDxKrakówCinema November
When: Tuesday, 04 November, 2014, 18:30-21:30
Where: Pauza In Garden
  Rajska 12, 31-124 Kraków, Poland
Who: Agata Wierzbicka
Theme: Work + life = balance


Marek Wierzbicki
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