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TEDxKrakówCinema - a new initiative from TEDxKraków

We’ll be getting together to watch TEDTalks and TEDx talks and sharing the TED experience with Kraków

Each time we will focus on a different topic.

Why TEDTalks?

We’d like to create a comfortable space in Kraków for creative debates about the role of technology, education, human behaviour in creating a more harmonious future, where ideas are the source of intelligent and constructive collaboration rather than conflict.

This month

The Internet and new technologies created a completely new environment where human relationships are being redefined and re-explored. The new tools change the way we live, think, love, and interact with others. Mobile apps, social media, online chats open new vistas and a wide spectrum of interaction possibilities in the cyberspace. They also become one of the first and/or primary platforms where we build and develop our

What does 'virtual reality’ really mean? How does it impact on our social life, mutual understanding, and our sense of intimacy? When does Facebook start to become a ‘better place’ than a real world to interact with others? Why do we ask tough or intimate questions using online communicators? How do we really benefit from a world shaped by virtual media? Why do so many people end up with an online relationship?

Is there an algorithm that can find our ‘other half’? Are we able to calculate the probability of a successful online relationship using dating apps? What does an online date really mean? And finally, why have they become a significant source of romantic or sexual experiences for so many?

We’ll try to answer these questions at the upcoming TEDxKrakówCinema on Tuesday 14 October at Pauza In Garden at ul. Rajska 12 (entry from ul. Szujskiego). Join us from 6:30pm for a discussion on where we’re heading as human beings of the cybertimes (we'll start with the TEDTalks and discussion at 7pm sharp).

The meeting is going to be led by Wioletta Dec, a TEDxKraków team member. The discussion will be held mainly in Polish but contributions in English will be welcome. Entry will be free but the number of spaces is limited, so please remember first come, first served.

What: TEDxKrakówCinema October
When: Tuesday, 14 October, 2014, 18:30-21:00
Where: Pauza In Garden
  Rajska 12, 31-124 Kraków, Poland
Theme: Love in digital era

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