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TEDxKrakówLive 2014: get energized by the “South!” TEDGlobal conference

Where is the south? In theory the answer to this question should be pretty straightforward no matter where you are but if you ask around you realize it depends more on people’s background than their location. Americans will automatically think about the southern United States, Warsawians will direct you to the south of the city and for some English native speakers “heading south” will mean for something to begin to fail or start going bad. Things can get even more complicated if you ask this question in China, where historically people orient themselves using not 4, but 5 cardinal directions, with the fifth one heading to the center of the country. The way we perceive the world is biased by our background, experiences and culture, and as Nelson Mandela said, “Where you stand depends on where you sit”.
Having that in mind we invite you to look at the world from a different angle and get energized by fresh, innovative ideas from South America that will be presented at the next TEDGlobal 2014 conference “South!” taking place in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Join us on 9th October at TEDxKrakowLive 2014 to watch a live transmission from Rio de Janeiro and let us completely change your world perspective. The venue still remains a secret, but the registration will open very soon, so follow us and watch out for details.

Why “South!”?

South America and Brazil in particular have been experiencing rapid economic growth over the past few years, what is visible not only in region’s financial results, but also in changes within society. The middle class is growing very fast; the government makes efforts to reform education and the urban population growth forces cities to revolutionize their infrastructure. The fast growth brings challenges too and as Poles know from their own experience, nothing boosts the creativity more than difficult life conditions. And as investors turn South to look for business opportunities, TEDGlobal goes to Rio de Janeiro to hunt for fresh, innovative ideas and the energy that enables the South to grow and to turn upside down everything the western hemisphere often takes for granted.

For a taste of what is going on in the south, check out TED Talks from Latin American speakers, including a TED Talk from the Rio's mayor - Eduardo Paes, presenting both challenges and hopes of the conference’s host city - Rio de Janeiro.

TEDKrakówLive 2014 – the registration will start soon!

We will soon reveal the venue of the next TEDKrakówLive, taking place on 9th of October 2014 and open up the event registration. There is no admission fee to attend the event, but a number of spots is limited, so don’t miss your chance and follow our blog and Faceebok for updates.

See you in the “South!”!

What: TEDxKrakówLive 2014
When: Thursday, 09 October, 2014