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TEDxKrakówCinema - a new initiative from TEDxKraków

We’ll be getting together to watch TEDTalks and TEDx talks and sharing the TED experience with Kraków

Each time we will focus on a different topic.

Why TEDTalks?

We’d like to create a comfortable space in Kraków for creative debates about the role of technology, education, human behaviour in creating a more harmonious future, where ideas are the source of intelligent and constructive collaboration rather than conflict.

This month

Our next TEDxKrakówCinema will be about cities. Although cities account for only 2% of the world's surface, they are responsible for 75% of energy consumption and up to 80% of CO2 emissions. Every week, hundreds of thousands of people migrate to cities and currently, about half of the world's population lives there. These factors reshape our cities and we need to find an way of leading happy lives in this new reality.

Rafał Sanecki, a member of the TEDxKraków Sponsorship Team is passionate about cities and how they can be developed better. At the June edition of TEDxKrakówCinema, he will show us different solutions from cities around the world that improve the lives of their residents. We will talk about sustainable energy, waste management, smart solutions, transport, cars, bikes and urban design. And with this global perspective in mind, we’ll focus also on challenges for Kraków and our region.

TEDxKrakówCinema will take place on 3 June at Klub Pauza at ul. Florianska 18 (IN THE BASEMENT, NOT ON THE SECOND FLOOR AS BEFORE).
We start at 6.30 with icebreakers
7.00 - TEDxKrakówCinema - watching curated TED Talks and discussion
8.30 - Discussion at Pauza (1st Floor)

The event is free but you need to register, because the number of seats is limited.
The TED talks are in English but the discussion will be in Polish.

What: TEDxKrakówCinema June
When: Tuesday, 03 June, 2014, 18:30
Where: Kino Pauza
  Floriańska 18, Kraków
Theme: Happy City

We watched these TEDtalks