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TEDxKrakówCinema - a new initiative from TEDxKraków

We’ll be getting together to watch TEDTalks and TEDx talks and sharing the TED experience with Kraków

Each time we will focus on a different topic.

Why TEDTalks?

We’d like to create a comfortable space in Kraków for creative debates about the role of technology, education, human behaviour in creating a more harmonious future, where ideas are the source of intelligent and constructive collaboration rather than conflict.

This month

TEDxKrakówCinema finally returned after its summer break. During September’s cinema event, curated by Malwina Antoniszczak, we talked about designing art exhibitions. Thanks to Malwina we learned about the different methods of presenting a narrative in exhibition as well as how collaboration with artists looks like. As an introduction to the subject, we watched a speech by Thomas Campbell, "weaving narratives in museum galleries.” However, the real debate started after Amit Sood’s talk "Building a museum of museums on the web.” We discussed how media are replacing traditional museums, which some participants found Amit’s project to be a great idea as technology now allows us a detailed study of art. However, some fear that this advancement in technology will impact the narrative of shows and the form of viewing works of art. The event ended with a review of sometimes hilarious designs done by David Carson. After all of the TED talks were finished, we moved to the Pauza club to further discuss the topic of art.
Thank you to our supporting partners of the cinema events: Capgemini and Ericpol.
See you at the October edition of TEDxKrakówCinema!

What: TEDXKrakowCinema September
When: Tuesday, 03 September, 2013, 19.00
Where: Kino Pauza
  Floriańska 18, Kraków
Who: Malwina Antoniszczak

We watched these TEDtalks