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TEDGlobal will be held in Edinburgh at the end of June, and we managed to get a license for TEDxKrakówLive, where we will broadcast a live transmission of the entire second day of this extraordinary event! This year's theme is "radical openness", and TEDGlobal speakers will explore the network of relationships that characterises today's world. The ability to easily and quickly make contact with another people how our relationships develop, how we meet, what we share with each other and what we hide.

We hope you can join us at TEDxKrakówLive on Wednesday 27 June at Pauza Club (basement). The broadcast will begin at approximately 4:00 p.m. A detailed program of the event can be found here:

TEDxLive is an extension of the TEDx program, launched by TED in 2010. TEDxLive events are TEDx events built around the live webcast of TED Conferences. TEDxLive events enable TED enthusiasts all over the world to experience live sessions of the TED Conference. Some are simple viewing events, and some host live speakers.

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What: TEDxKrakówLive 2012
When: Wednesday, 27 June, 2012, 4 pm
Where: Kino Pauza
  Floriańska 18, Kraków
Theme: Radical Openness