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TEDxKrakówCinema - a new initiative from TEDxKraków

We’ll be getting together to watch TEDTalks and TEDx talks and sharing the TED experience with Kraków

Each time we will focus on a different topic.

Why TEDTalks?

We’d like to create a comfortable space in Kraków for creative debates about the role of technology, education, human behaviour in creating a more harmonious future, where ideas are the source of intelligent and constructive collaboration rather than conflict.

This month

Everyday life and festive life continually intertwines during the year. However, December is the month in which it is the most visible. Time of normal living, work and duty becomes a time of celebration, relaxation and fun. TEDxKrakowCinema December is the best time to talk about what is the sacred and the secular, and especially about which rituals during this period we do take part in.
Holidays are a great opportunity for joint actions, including singing.

Together we'll try to answer few questions:
Why do we need rituals?
What those rituals tells about us as a society?
Why do rituals connects people despite of all differences between people?
What's about that fatty, gray-bearded guy in red uniform that we love him so much all around the world?

There will be an opportunity to take a part in a team ritual experiment…..

Join us on Tuesday 2 December at Pauza In Garden at ul. Rajska 12 (entry from ul. Szujskiego). Join us from 6:30 pm for a discussion (we'll start with the TEDTalks and discussion at 7pm sharp).

The meeting is going to be led by Asia and Jarek, a TEDxKraków team members.

What: TEDxKrakówCinema December
When: Tuesday, 02 December, 2014, 18:30-21:00
Where: Pauza In Garden
  Rajska 12, 31-124 Kraków, Poland
Theme: Rituals


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