Pass it on, or the major brainstorming activity of TEDxKraków

We already know the winners of the Pass it on – Win a smartwatch! competition. Over 200 people put forward their suggestions how to promote and share an idea of their choice. The amount of submitted proposals as well as their diversity and creativity certainly did not make the jury’s task easier.

The rules were simple. Participants had to fill out a questionnaire, where they were supposed to indicate an idea from the talks that they particularly enjoyed and describe a way to spread this idea – hence the phrase ‘pass it on’. The filled-in forms were all collected in an idea box.

The content from the forms was digitalised and at the end, only two ideas were picked, both unquestionably brilliant. It must be said that the choice was far from simple, as there were plenty of ideas and all were special in some way. However, as winning is an essential feature of a competition, someone had to win.

The authors of the best two ideas were awarded with smartwatches Samsung Gear 2, which were sponsored by Schibsted Tech Polska. But what did they come up with?

Bartek put forward a suggestion how to spread the idea of Stephen Coates’ talk. „Imagine DIY manuals, where you get the information necessary to build a device that lets you record music on X-ray images. People would become more interested in Stephen’s story and also, they would contribute to the history of music. You could record on anything that’s ductile. Anything!”

Marek, the other winner, inspired us by his idea how to use a beacon to help a lonely whale – the one mentioned in a song performed by Patrick the Pan. „We should attach a beacon to the lonely whale – with all the people that would follow him online, he would never be alone again”.

These were the awarded ideas, but let us see what else did the TEDxKraków participants come up with:

Installing devices filled with algae, which would be powered by pollution and would filter air providing oxygen as a result (yes, this exists).

Magda Kozłowska

A mural/slogan (but rather mural) with the words „A group is not one mass, it consists of individuals”. We create society, people should be made aware of this.

Ryszard Źróbek i Chór Nowodworski

Setting up the Innovation Party, getting plenty of media attention and then getting 60% of the votes in Parliamentary elections.

Piotr Wilam

Co-operating with airlines. Present in Kraków, Ryanair alone handles 90 million passengers a year. That’s a massive audience which could contribute to passing on this idea. Passengers are mostly bored and they will be probably more than happy to listen to an inspiring story.

Joanna McCoy

Making an „Older brother / sister” initivative, where young teenagers from poorer or problematic families would socialize and share interest and hobbies with their older assigned brother / sister.

Joanna McCoy

So, what’s next? Pass it on! :)


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