Introducing the Speakers – Matt Clarke

For the last 20 years, Matt Clarke has worked with the boards of some of the world’s largest companies in order to help them create efficient and well-functioning management teams. His speciality is facilitating collaboration in a challenging business environment – the more difficult, the better. On 13 June during TEDxKraków he will share with you his remarks about how to unite people to solve problems collectively, beyond politics and personal issues.

Matt learned on his own example that a cooperative approach can give more efficient results. Therefore co-creation has become the core of his work – he spent over a decade as a Group Director with Nowhere Group where they together, catapulted intentional co-creative practices to new levels. Moreover, during his career he was involved in facilitiating collaborations between businesses, governments, academics and social enterprises to address some of the greatest challenges facing the world today; including energy, finance, food, wellbeing, urbanisation and resilience.
As we evolve from the Information Age in to the Biological & Wellbeing Age, the quality of our interconnection could make or break us. To reconnect these dots, the most efficient move we can make is to decrease the resistance that lies within and between us. Based on his experiences, Matt will share the 5 things that anyone who wants to get something done should pay particular attention to.

Matt Clarke is Founder and President of Switched On Global and a Partner at Leaders’ Quest, and he specialises in bringing together disparate parties and enabling collaboration in complex business situations.Over his career, he has worked with the boards of some of the world’s largest companies. He is also a co-founding trustee of The Friends of Baale Mane, a social enterprise that provides a loving home near Bangalore, India to nurture and resource girls who do not have parents who can care for them. Matt lives in central London with his wife and their two sons, enjoying their passion for music, healthy living and supporting their local community.

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