Hot or not? Or How (not) to choose Kraków's future

Posted by aga , August 29, 2014, 10:08


What are the key needs that have to be satisfied so that Krakow becomes “future proof” and a city that works for everyone who lives here? What can we do to help with it? And what should we know about the power we are about to hand over to politicians? The upcoming TEDxKrakówCinema on Tuesday September 2nd at the Pauza In Garden club at Rajska 12 will revolve around this kind of questions. With expanding globalisation, the fact that cities becoming increasingly powerful entities in their own right, and the fast-approaching local government elections in Poland, it seems a good moment to reflect on our rights as citizens of this city, to influence its future. What kind of people should we elect to represent us and manage the mechanics of keeping Krakow going? Do we want pragmatists, or visionaries? How can we monitor if the power that we entrust to them is used properly?

The meeting is going to be led by two of our team members who are both fans of urban life: Ewa Spohn and Rafał Sanecki. Ewa Spohn, curator of TEDxKrakow, during our main conference in 2013 at Stara Zajezdnia, and Marek Wierzbicki with whom she co-hosted the event. Ewa, a born and bred Londoner, has been curator of TEDxKrakow for the last 4 years, where she manages a team of over 20 volunteers. She reads a lot, cooks very well and clearly has the talent and drive to find awesome speakers for our live conferences.

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Happy City: True or False?

Posted by agata , May 30, 2014, 00:05


Is there such a thing as a happy city, or is it just an imaginary concept, which in recent years gained  a lot of popularity? The truth is that this is a complicated subject, but we're getting closer to answering this question,  because it will be the main topic of our next TEDxKrakówCinema. zdj. Miastamaniak
Unfortunately, the data speaks for itself: cities occupy only 2% of the Earth's surface, but they are home to half of the population of our planet that is responsible for as much as 75% of energy consumption and up to 80% of CO2 emissions. These factors are significantly impacting our cities and our lives forcing us to adjust and find new ways to happily live in this new reality. Krakow, just like any large city,  has its problems. Smog, traffic jams, public transport, bicycle paths are only a small representation of what we face as residents of Krakow.

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TEDxKraków Transcribeathon

Posted by ewa , May 13, 2014, 10:05

Have you ever wondered (a) how the subtitles on TED and TEDx talks happen and (b) why some TEDx talks have subtitles, but others don’t (but they should)?

Well, here’s a chance to find out about (a) and do something about (b). On Sunday 8 June we’re organising the first TEDxKrakow Transcribeathon at Pauza In Garden (the cafe in the basement of the Małopolska Arts Garden, entry from ul. Szujskiego). We’ll be giving you an introduction to the TED Open Translation Project (a worldwide network of volunteers who translate TED and TEDx Talks) and you’ll have a chance to get going on your own transcription - the first step to sharing ideas worth spreading in over 100 languages!

Up until recently, the OTP project has concentrated on translating the 1,000+ talks on TED. com, but now they’re getting going on the 22,000+ TEDx talks. That includes those from all the Polish TEDx events, many of which are still on the “to-do” list.

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